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Yard Care


Pruning & Trimming

Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs make the plants healthy and keep them from diseases. It is recommended to prune plants twice a year and remove dead, diseased, and broken branches. Properly pruned plants bring beauty and life to the landscape.


Weed Removal and Control

A landscape full of weeds is an eye soar. We specialize in removing all types of weeds and bringing your property back to an enjoyable appearance. We also prevent them from coming back by using cultural practices and specialized products.


Barkdust/Mulch Application

Besides the beautification and enhancement of a property’s image, barkdust or mulch serves as the first line of defense against a number of pests that may attempt to invade. It also provides a protective layering that conserves water by reducing water evaporation. And finally it serves as a powerful weed and moss control agent. We use only quality bark products and have a large variety to choose from to meet our client’s needs.


One time clean-ups

We offer one time cleanups year-round that are customization to each property. Clean-ups make a huge difference and increase property value dramatically. A typical cleanup includes the following:

  • Mowing Lawn
  • Edging Lawn
  • Pruning/Trimming plants
  • Weeding beds
  • Removing leaves
  • Removing debris
  • Blowing/sweeping walkways, patios and driveways