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Raised Garden Beds

We offer beautiful Cedar Raised Garden Beds installation packages in the Portland Metro area. Raised garden beds produce less weeds, have better water drainage, warmer soil temps for a longer growing season, and much more benefits.  They also look great and create a welcoming space with the beautiful cedar wood. We offer multiple sizes of the raised garden beds, so you can customize your area accordingly. Perhaps a few raised beds for your veggies and a few for the flowers? Or one of each? The choice is yours!

Raised Garden Beds in Portland, Oregon

We do the entire job from bringing in the raised beds, setting and leveling them and bringing in quality 4-way blend soil and filling the raised beds. 

We also offer adding drip irrigation to the raised beds as an option, by either adding an additional zone to your existing irrigation system or installing a separate drip system off of your nearest hose bib. That way all you have to do is plant your favorite veggies or flowers and not have to ever worry about watering your favorite plants!

We also can finish off the surrounding area of the raised beds by installing professional grade landscape fabric weed preventer and topping it off with cedar chips or 1/4″ clean gravel. Or we can leave it be as is, or use another product- the choice is yours! Otherwise the cedar chips around the raised garden beds make an excellent combination. 

Our raised garden beds are all 13″ tall as a standard, but we can go higher if needed just let us know. Otherwise the standard 13″ is great. 

They are custom made by a local lumber supplier right here in Portland and are superior quality. The size options are:

3′ X 8′
4′ X 8′
3′ X 6′
4′ X 6′

Based out of Clackamas, we serve the entire Portland Metro area including NE Portland, North Portland, SE Portland, SW Portland, Central Portland, Gresham, Oregon City, West Linn, Milwaukie, Lake Oswego, Happy Valley, and more. Please submit our request form for a free estimate from us and we will be glad to help you!